The Ontario Trail Riders Association

OTRA is a non-profit organization founded in 1970. It’s mission is to promote trail rides and the creation, development, preservation and safe use of trails.


When you become a member of OTRA you are helping preserve and maintain Ontario trails for everyone to enjoy. Membership applications and payment can be submitted at any OTRA event or mailed to:

1326 Odessa Crescent
Oakville, ON
L6H 1R8

Membership benefits include:

  Stay up to date on trail issues and developments
  Get horse care tips
  Access to weekend workshops
  Participate in weekend rides
  Meet new friends who share your passion for riding
  and much more...



$30 per Year

$50 per Year

Yearly membership ends December 31st

*2 or more people at the same address


Be sure to review our Membership Guidelines and Event Rules and Regulations.